As someone whose Christian faith is a big part of their identity, election season can be difficult. In our current political system, we are usually given two options at the polls. We are told they are opposite in every way. We are told if you believe X, you must vote Republican. If you believe Y, you must vote Democrat. But, I have found I have great friends from both parties who are Christians. We both rely on the Bible to guide us. There are many issues we can band together on. Supporting immigration through legal channels is one of those issues.

Kris Kobach has been spouting anti-immigrant messages during his whole tenure as Secretary of State. He has doubled down on these during this whole campaign season.

As a Christian, this anti-immigrant rhetoric alienates me from the Republican party. Like many Republicans in the state, including former governors of Kansas, I cannot support Kobach for Governor. Jesus calls us to love our neighbor. Jesus calls us to care for the weary. As someone who supports life, I must heed this call and not support a politician who works against those calls every step of the way.

Please join me in voicing your opposition to Kris Kobach being the face of the Republican party in Kansas. Please join me in voting Laura Kelly on Nov 6.

Owen Carnes,