Yup, miracles do happen. What better subject and proof than President Donald J. Trump?

Just maybe a higher power intervenes.

Miracle No. 1 was Trump winning the presidency back in 2016. Miracle No. 2 is his survival against all odds.

No president in this country’s history has been hated by more people and mostly just for who he is. It’s all about feelings and emotions. What Trump does to make America great again is meaningless to half this country. Conservatives and most Christians love the man, but the many other elements against him are overwhelming. Yet he survives.

Trump has survived a press that obviously has chosen not to be a free one. I concur with many others that most media “are enemies of the people.” Trying to tell us how to vote during elections against Trump with fake news, even lies, is not what is supposed to happen in a democracy.

Since Day 1, 95 percent of media is negative toward our president 95 percent of the time. Case in point, even small town newspapers like this one, print the same horrific stuff that we read in The New York Times and Washington Post.

It defies logic for mainstream media to claim they are accurately reporting about our current president. If Trump is making America great again in a number of ways, and facts prove it, how is it that most news is negative? That in itself proves media is the enemy of Trump — and the people who voted for him. End of debate on that score.

From Day 1, Democrats in Congress vote against Trump on all issues. Now, following the election, along with being obstructionists, there is even more talk of subpoenas and impeachment. Dems will do anything and everything, obviously, to destroy this presidency.

No president has been under the microscope like this one. What Dems want to do to a Trump presidency rises to the level of one of the most outrageous and unconscionable agendas in American political history.

Media and their partner in crime, the Democratic Party, top the list of Trump’s enemies, but there are many more who want to take him out.

A partisan U. S. Department of Justice, in the tank for Hillary and Obama, created a Special Counsel with unheard of unlimited powers. Rush Limbaugh describes the Robert Mueller investigation as political prosecution of Trump. It’s an investigation looking for a crime simply because of dislike for Trump, with no evidence a crime has even been committed. Clearly a witch hunt.

Hard to believe, but there are Never Trumpers who are Republicans. I’m embarrassed to admit my own Arizona senators, that being Republicans John McCain and Jeff Flake, despised Trump and worked hard against him. Even Republican House Majority Leader Paul Ryan half the time would not cooperate with Trump and a good case can be made that Ryan’s lack of good leadership in the House led to Dems taking over the majority, thus impeachment in the works.

Most, in and around D.C. are Democrats, as evidenced by Trump only getting 5 percent of their votes in 2016. Federal government workers are not pro Trump.

There is indisputable evidence our Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation unethically and illegally tried to prevent a Trump presidency. When that did not happen those agencies took measures to destroy his presidency. A miracle Trump survives.

For good measure, let me throw in to the mix, the fact that most of higher education is anti-Trump and indoctrinating students to be liberals, not conservatives, consequently anti Trump. Social media like Facebook and Google are obviously anti-conservative as well. Liberal Obama judges do everything they possibly can to obstruct Trump’s executive orders. The beat goes on and on.

The obstacles appear to be insurmountable but miracles, obviously, do happen. He survives!

Donald J. Trump will be one for history books like no other president.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.