For the most part, I’ve remained quiet about the priest sex-abuse scandal. I’ve been waiting, watching as it unfolded, praying for the leadership to denounce the grave sins, the cover-up, the abuse of power and position. I’ve waited for the Pope and bishops to, with righteous anger, “clear the Temple” so to speak, and for fire and brimstone sermons to be preached in every church throughout the world.

I am waiting for those involved in the scandal to step up and insist on a thorough investigation or admit their fault, that through their admission, repentance, and punishment, victims and souls may begin to heal. When a person is truly repentant, he/she literally falls all over themselves trying to make up for the sin. They want to be punished, because they know they deserve God’s justice. Indeed, the devil’s work explodes and multiplies through the denial of sin.

Uncovering these sins has been torturous, but not surprising. These sexual/homosexual sins and their cover-up were part of the devil’s plan to destroy the Church from within. If Satan tried to tempt even Jesus when He was hungry and tired in the desert, he will continue to tempt us all. He gains greater foothold through denial of his existence, through pride and apathy.

Though many good and holy bishops and priests have spoken up to bring about justice, the silence of others pierces my heart. In fact, I want the leadership of every church to call evil by name and eradicate it from their midst… but I am still waiting.

I’ve waited for 45 years to witness a greater outrage over the killing of unborn babies than the putting down of a stray dog. I’m still waiting for Congress to end funding for abortions, especially since Planned Parenthood was caught on tape bartering prices for aborted baby parts.

I’m waiting for Nancy Pelosi, Joe Biden, and other heretics to be excommunicated for their support and funding of abortion through their powerful positions. And I am waiting for leaders of the Methodist Church to call abortion what it is: the killing of an unborn child — not Reproductive Healthcare. The baby always dies — how is that healthcare?

I’m waiting for good people to passionately reject Oprah Winfrey and other celebrities who encourage women to “shout your abortion,” and perhaps, for a bolt of lightning to strike the consciences of the wayward pastors and rabbi who recently “blessed” a late-term abortion clinic in Washington D.C. and gave “honor to the women who choose to come” to it. Remember, late-term means fully-developed babies are being killed up until birth. Heinous.

I’m waiting for Protestant and non-denominational churches to stop changing their doctrine to accommodate the present state of sin, and for Fr. James Martin and other wayward priests to be excommunicated for support of gay “marriage,” or other immoral behaviors that are forbidden by God. “For the love of God is this, that we obey his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.” 1 John 5:3

I’m waiting for God-fearing people to pray for our president rather than hate him.

I’m waiting for people to put their faith in God to care for and lead them, rather than solely relying on pharmaceutical companies, the medical community, the government, or a Hollywood medium.

I’m waiting for citizens to demand honesty from the news media and insist they simply report the news, rather than politicize it.

I’m waiting for parents to limit their family’s electronics usage, restricting it completely at mealtime and bedtime, and to screen television shows for immoral/violent content, including the commercials. I’m also waiting for more parents to take their children to church, even on “game day,” and for all churchgoers to live out their faith as credible witnesses.

I’m waiting for physicians, psychologists, and religious leaders to vehemently denounce the transgenderism deception and blatant child abuse occurring through the mutilation of children’s bodies, and for these same people to boldly speak the truth about the physical, emotional, and spiritual damage resulting from homosexual sex, promiscuous sex (adultery), and the viewing of pornography.

I’m waiting for more people to get the following straight: Immigrants are people who desire citizenship of a country because they favor its ideology. Migrants are those abused by a tyrannical government who seek refuge in a nearby country. Invaders are those who attempt to force their way into another country through violence or other unlawful means. I’m waiting for those who know this to speak up — now.

I’m waiting for all who claim to know and serve God to ask themselves if their lives look much different than the lives of those who don’t.

I’m waiting for all priests, pastors, rabbis, and God’s people to believe and proclaim that God still performs miracles, and to wholly embrace the transforming power of God that is found in living His Truth, in His healing touch, and in complete surrender to His will and works of the Holy Spirit.

In a nutshell, I am waiting for God’s leaders to lead, so that those with faith and common sense will find the courage to use it, speak it, live it, and to realize that God is waiting too… and He is coming again, on an appointed day and time, to judge the world with justice.

Elizabeth Schmeidler is a Christian author from Hays.