“How late in the third trimester could a physician perform an abortion…let’s say a woman has obvious signs she’s about to give birth… she’s dilating… would your bill allow for her to abort the baby then?”


The above dialogue is not from a sci-fi movie, but from a hearing that took place just days ago. Todd Gilbert, R-Va., was questioning delegate Kathy Tran, a Democrat, about her proposal of a bill which would erase all restrictions from abortion up until the moment of birth, for any physical or mental reason.

When questioned, Tran admitted there wouldn’t be an expert used to determine the mother’s mental state or a second physician to collaborate the perceived threat to the mother. Why wouldn’t this be required? Because there’s no valid reason for a baby to be killed to save the mental health or life of the mother. None. In rare cases, it may be deemed necessary to deliver the baby early, but thousands of OB-GYNs recently have spoken up to confirm that killing the baby is never necessary.

Yesterday, despite nearly half of the Democratic caucus approval of the bill, it was tabled. But the Dems are still on a roll. On the 46th anniversary of Roe vs. Wade, N.Y. Gov. Andrew Cuomo lit the One World Trade Center pink to celebrate his signing of a very similar law that legalizes the killing of babies up until birth for any reason. Many were completely shocked by this, but I wasn’t. Late-term abortion has been going on in many states for decades, but it has always been hidden under a cloak of “loopholes” used to end the life of a full-term baby. What was shocking even to me, however, was the lack of shame. He lit the tower up to celebrate the killing of babies.

Let that sink in.

Is our state moving in that direction? I certainly hope not. Years ago, right here in good ol’ wholesome Kansas, Dr. George Tiller was notorious for performing late-term abortions in Wichita. Some were partial birth abortions, where the baby’s neck is punctured so the brain can be suctioned out. Other procedures involved injecting the baby with a drug to stop his/her heart. These methods ensured that the baby was dead when delivered. Otherwise, if Tiller would have killed the baby one second after he/she was born, he could be thrown in jail for murder. Insanity.

In essence, N.Y. is making sure its doctors won’t be jailed like Kermit Gosnell, who is now known as the greatest serial killer in history because of his late-term abortions and collection of baby parts found in his home, including down his sink. Still, I have no doubt that more Gosnell-type doctors will surface. How could anyone sever baby limbs, puncture hearts, crush heads, and have a baby’s face stare up at them from a steel tray, day after day, without losing all conscience and some degree of sanity. While some abortionists do finally quit, others just quit having a conscience.

Just weeks ago, a 15-year-old Philadelphia girl was charged with murder for throwing her newborn in a dumpster. Hmm… if she’d chosen to visit a N.Y. abortion clinic, she could be off to Disneyland instead of prison. Both are murder — why aren’t they treated the same?

N.Y.’s law is infanticide. Nothing less. It’s simply an escalation of the greatest holocaust in history, allowing heinous practices to continue in Hitler-like fashion against our most innocent and vulnerable. The only differences are the age of the victims and the weapons used — oh, and the fact that the death is ordered by the baby’s own mother rather than a dictator.

Dear God, how has it come to this?

Leading Democrats in several states, including Rhode Island and Vermont are working to pass their own version of N.Y.’s law. Along with these, Nancy Pelosi, Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer and Elizabeth Warren, are all outspoken advocates of abortion without restrictions. So, if reading about these heinous, inhumane abortions is troubling to you, it would be a good idea to write/call them and express your objection to this barbarism. Notice the political party common denominator of the aforementioned leaders. Hint: It’s the same party vying to remove, “so help me God,” from the oath for testifying.

Indeed, there are consequences that come with the power of our vote. Speaking of which…perhaps a letter/call to our newly-elected Kansas governor, Laura Kelly, is warranted. Since Kelly was endorsed by Planned Parenthood for her bold pro-abortion stance, it’s imperative she know that we are morally opposed to the concept of Kansas or any state passing off infanticide as “reproductive healthcare.”

Lastly, write, call, tweet, or email Cardinal Dolan of N.Y. and any/all bishops of pro-abortion Catholic governors or congressmen. Giving St. Paul’s example in 1 Timothy 1:19-20, ask them to withhold the Eucharist and/or excommunicate wayward Catholics in critical leadership positions to protect the flock and encourage reform. And when you do, please ask them to act boldly and swiftly — we are still waiting for change, while our tears at the horrific suffering, continue to flow.

“These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me.” Matthew 15:8

Elizabeth Schmeidler is a

Christian author from Hays.