Electoral-select Trump has set the bar much lower in terms of the sheer volume of fake views he makes in response to not only real news of proven journalistic integrity, but any written or spoken words in any medium that questions his decisions as head occupant in the White House. Doubt this? Please confirm — now, later, anytime — to see his latest hailstorm of acidic tweets. Please consider that if you doubt even such fact-finding agencies as Politifact, Snopes, and the much-maligned Washington Post, then I suspect you’re allowing smoke to be blown… well, you get my drift.

The way I picture Trump’s Pinocchio nose is as follows: being so long that it is growing out and back between his legs, compelling partisan loyalists to take turns lifting this monstrosity high enough so it won’t drag and leave a trail of blood behind.

Many future historians will likely discover during their research of his tweet-mad ways that he mocked, insulted, railed against, boasted, and often knowingly lied to his voter base to make himself and his brand greater, not America, and certainly not the “American people.”

I pity those future historians, though, who actually try to make sense out of nonsense, separate truth from lies, and sift through ever-shifting decisions based more on shallow impulses and mindless conceits than on big-picture views in a world as divisive as it has even been — made frightening beyond measure when one factors in that seven and a half billion persons live on this precious planet.

Hopefully, these researchers--and all humans of even modest intelligence and discernment — will frame two all-important questions: 1. What future is on the horizon if the world goes mad as the tragic and bloody consequence of morally bankrupt leaders, Trump being among far too many? 2. How long do we the people worldwide tolerate a global community of oligarchs who prop up any politicians pledging to preserve their wealth at any cost?

On a personal note, given my decades-long suspicion of a global oligarchy (one hoping only a minority being the problem), how much longer do we listen to and tolerate the same increasingly hollow references to sacrifices on the battlefield for American ideals that are light-years from reality? How much longer do we listen to and tolerate maddening, self-righteous tirades about widespread plagues and illnesses being God’s judgment for sinful ways? How much longer do we listen to and tolerate fact-deficient and heartless pronouncements about immigrant convoys being mostly of criminal intent, and not including desperate and frightened people trying to escape tyrannical rulers? How much longer do our politicians circumvent, if not avoid, our own impoverished (and, yes, where racism is still rooted, desperate and frightened), people who have simply given up?

American ideals? How about American realities that begin to live up to and realize those ideals in practice, not political talking points that are pointless?

Hope without action is futile. Only a spirited and sustained People’s Revolution (nonviolent, if possible) can begin to change and eventually transform politics and politicians.

Let’s tear down and destroy not-so-great walls that too many politicians — more from the right than the left — have built to protect a narrowly-defined voter base.

Otherwise, many corporate-sponsored politicians might be declared the enemy of the people and the enemy of truth--not journalists who get their facts straight and true.

Perhaps the people can speak with more truth than money, which has been known to serve the bottom line with hidden greed and corruption.

Not good for a people’s democracy, is it?

Richard J. Holmes,