What will it take for Susan Wagle to learn that the Brownback experiment didn’t work? After years of fighting deficits and dismantling programs, she wants to do it again. Her latest proposal to give a tax break mostly to corporations is just the latest attempt to break the state in an effort to cut funding for critical services.

Yes, of course everyone would like to pay less taxes. But the recent election of Laura Kelly shows that Kansans have finally figured out that they also want effective services. They are tired of kids being lost and dying when they should be protected from abuse by DCF. They are tired of schools being underfunded, prisons and hospitals being understaffed, working people unable to get healthcare, roads deteriorating for lack of funding and giving out no-bid contracts to friends of the Governor.

The voters of Kansas spoke loud and clear in this last election. Susan Wagle’s district was carried by Laura Kelly by 57.5 percent. Their vote said they have had enough of these cuts to services. They want a government that actually works for the common people. Get the message and work with this governor to right the Ship of State.

Chuck Schmidt