Whoever coined the phrase “Disneyland on the Potomac” years ago about our government and the politics to go with that must be shocked how this whole thing has escalated like never before in our history.

In the event readers don’t understand my point, our nation’s capital Washington D.C. is located on the Potomac River, and what goes on there can be described as a fantasy world in far too many ways. Much of our government and politics seems to be unreal, more like a Disneyland or playground. It’s beyond belief what takes place.

For starters, the left, with new people in Congress as per our last election, have a Green New Deal that many of them (along with old timers) are proposing. No more fossil fuels they say. That means no airplanes or gas driven vehicles. Current heating and air conditioned buildings all to be replaced by the energy coming from wind farms and solar panels. Also, no more cows since their farts (yup, I said farts) causes carbon emissions into the atmosphere and affects climate change. The whole thing is bizarre.

Parts of our government are off the rails. It isn’t even remotely possible to make this writing sound somewhat academic considering laughable stuff coming from the left. They actually came out publicly proposing the elimination of cows for farting.

No matter that coal, natural gas and oil has given us the greatest economy in the world. No matter that the New Deal would cost trillions upon trillions of dollars that we don’t have. The Green New Deal proponents must literally believe money grows on trees. Green trees, pun intended.

It’s all about fantasy, lack of realism, lack of objectivity, lack of facts. The words “funny farm” comes to mind if you get my point. Funny farms are for the insane and much of what goes on is insanity. You would think Hollywood (the mecca of fiction) would be up in arms for taking a back seat to government and the multitude ways its become a make-believe world.

Let’s take one of the biggest issues of the day involving our government, that being immigration. Approximately half of our government (and half of our voters) try to convince the other half that a wall or steel barrier at our borders won’t keep out known criminals, drug pushers, those engaged in human trafficking, etc.

Do we, as a country, want open borders? As things stand now, illegals are costing taxpayers billions in the way of welfare and law enforcement. Cheap labor takes jobs away from citizens. For every illegal that may be of benefit to this country, there are a half dozen or more who do not. But “so what” say the out in left field liberals of the Democrat Party who insanely claim walls don’t work.

And there’s the Trump Russia collusion storybook narrative. To paraphrase what America’s top talk radio host says - it’s the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the American people in our history. For over two years there have been investigations and speculation with no evidence. Nor one iota of evidence Russia hacked into our 2016 election.

Just think! Day after day, night after night, fake news mainstream media has fooled its viewers that Trump will be destroyed for colluding. There is no evidence period, yet media has its viewers waking up every day thinking “this is the day” Trump goes down. CNN, MSNBC, the three networks, the Times and Post are masters of deception. That’s a euphemism for lies and distortion. Who in the heck needs to pay 10 bucks to see a movie filled with suspense and drama when one can simply turn on the TV.

No Hollywood director or producer could find a person capable of writing a better or more fictitious script. How about the fake dossier used to get FISA warrants to spy on Trump and associates claiming that Trump, while in Russia, hired hookers to urinate on a bed that Obama and Michelle slept in? And, come to find out Obama, Hillary, FBI, DOJ, and even Russia are behind this make believe story. Only in the world we live in do the hate Trumpers skate free from Russia collusion while they pin collusion on our president.

One has to laugh at how bizarre the collusion fairy tale saga has become, but no laughs when one looks at the time and money spent on fake news for over two long years to bring down a duly elected president. A con game because they wanted Hillary. By the way, there’s indisputable proof forthcoming that the collusion came from those I just mentioned, and not Trump.

Disneyland and the movies are for fun, and I injected a bit of humor in this writing, but it really comes down to a sad state of affairs in this country where reality is a figment of one’s imagination coming from our politicians, media, and half of the voters in this country.

Les Knoll

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.