What a great city to host the the State 3A tournament! Neither car trouble nor blizzard is a problem for tournament visitors.

The Friday morning of the tournament our car failed to start in Russell, where we spent the night. After a Triple A jump start we arrived at the Kansasland Tire store on Eighth Street in Hays where we experienced what Kansas folks are all about.

We explained, in more detail than anyone had time for, that we might need a new battery before proceeding to our day of wrestling. The folks at Kansasland Tire responded immediately. They checked the battery and reported that their testing equipment was showing conflicting codes for the failure to start.

Alas, the testing equipment was not functioning. They then explained to the owner of Davis Automotive, who just happened to be in their store, what our problem was. He called his shop to which we were directed. Those folks did the checks with their equipment and determined we were good to proceed to our grandson’s tournament. All this, no charges, and good wishes!

Thank you, Kansasland Tire, Davis Automotive, and Hays! We are grateful and proud to be Kansans!

Chuck and Mary Snyder,