If you’ve read any of my articles or know me, you can tell how much I love my friends. They rank right up there with my faith and family. One of my friends suggested I write an article about some of the quotes we share with each other.

These are quotes that seem to have taken hold and are repeated year after year. We came up with most of them ourselves, but a few were stolen from others. Many were inspired during our annual turkey hunting trip. A lot of them arose during heated discussions among friends and turned into one of our sayings. This is a great example of how we’ve never let anything come between our friendships.

One example of this is, “Rick, you’re way too chipper for me this early in the morning.” When the six of us stay in the same cabin for a week, getting up very early and going to sleep late at night, you find out who are the morning people and who needs a little more time to wake up. I’ll admit, I’m a morning person, so I’m sure when this was said, this friend wasn’t ready for my early morning enthusiasm (and rightfully so!).

One of my favorite quotes is, “I will buy breakfast today.” We all meet for breakfast at 10am, and if one of my friends says this, he’s telling you he got his turkey. But also, he’s not kidding — he is buying breakfast. Awesome!

”Roostin’ ain’t roastin’.” This saying means that even though your hunt looked very promising, it didn’t end in success.

“Don’t think like a duck.” This one means don’t try to out-think wildlife or their behavior. You’re usually going to lose at that game.

“Flash hunt, flash hunt!” Although this one’s rarely used, it lets everyone know your hunt went well and was a very short hunt.

“Just ’cuz you got your turkey…” This saying is used to let someone know they may be a little too happy that they got their turkey. Also, it’s just human nature to feel good about your success and be too eager to give others advice.

“Long time for a double.” This refers to the rare occasion when two of us have killed a turkey on the same day.

“Sleep ’er in boys, sleep ’er in.” When you wake up to rain or snow in the morning, some will follow their common sense and not go out hunting. But if another doesn’t have the good sense to stay in bed, he may tease the smarter ones with this quote.

And then there are the sayings that are just used in the middle of a hunt, like:

“Full fan, full fan.” — You see a mature gobbler strutting.

“He’s closer, he’s closer.” — The gobbles you hear are getting closer.

“Don’t move, don’t move.” — Stay still, the turkey is close.

“Blow me down, blow me down.” — It was very windy today.

“You call way too loud and way too often.” — Another hunter believes in a softer approach to calling turkeys.

“Stick a booker, shoot a booker.” — Telling another hunter good luck as he leaves to start his hunt.

These are just a few of our quotes. We have them posted at the cabin. There are currently almost 60 and I’m sure we’ll be adding more.

Our quotes are just a small piece of the puzzle that comes together, making our times together so special and so much fun. I pray for many more of these times together in the future.

Rick Cunningham is an avid

outdoorsman from Ellis