If one is in a twilight zone, that means a person is somewhere between reality and fantasy. I contend our government in part, all of our politics from the left, and most of media that camps out in D.C’s Disneyland, are no longer even in the twilight zone. It’s all a make believe world.

This letter to the editor is a follow up to one a few weeks ago. In my last writing titled “Disneyland on the Potomac” where our Washington D.C. government is located on a river, we have a political world that seems to be from Mars. Reality doesn’t seem to exist. Hollywood is in second place when we look at who creates the most fiction.

In my last letter I mentioned how out of touch the left is with the climate change issue and open borders for illegals. I also touched on the Trump Russia collusion story that has dominated the news daily for over two years with no evidence whatsoever that collusion occurred or that somehow Russia hacked into our election. I also hit on the fake news coming from media which I intend to address even more.

How about the following for another leftist liberal and progressive whopper? Call it science fiction. Even though real scientists have concluded life begins at conception and an unborn baby can feel pain within eight weeks of a typical 40-week pregnancy, there are Democrats who want to make it legal to kill a baby after he or she is born and out of the mother’s womb. The epitome of insanity — and immorality. The Senate Democrats actually killed a bill that would have made it illegal to murder.

You can’t make this stuff up, but it is happening. Call it a bad dream that Dems don’t even value the lives of newborn babies.

Most of the Democrat Party presidential hopefuls are campaigning on the replacement of capitalism in this country with socialism, and that’s at a time America has the strongest economy in the world thanks to capitalism. Socialism has never worked in the many countries that have gone that route, but “so what” is the mindset from Democrats. Did you or I ever think we would see the day when there would be a socialist proposal telling Americans that if you don’t want to work, no problems, you’ll be guaranteed an income equal to those that do work? God help us.

I bring up the fake news issue again because news by mainstream media (known as MSM) permeates all of our lives daily like none other. It is delusional for anybody to think our media is objective and non-partisan when 95 percent of journalists and others employed in media vote Democrat. A recent poll shows that the majority of Americans believe most media purposefully presents false news for the sole purpose of misleading readers and viewers.

The hosts and contributors of political news coming from CNN, MSNBC, the big three networks of ABC, CBS, NBC are making Hollywood actors and actresses look like amateurs. Take note of this scenario. Every morning or the late evening before, there is collaboration by MSM to “manufacture” (make up) talking points for the sole purpose of misleading viewers into falsely thinking Trump is going to be in prison any day now following impeachment.

Surely readers have noticed on TV that if one person on mainstream media has a negative talking point about what Trump does, they all say the same thing. Free press? Not even in our dreams. For example, if the order of the day is to call Trump a racist they all say the same thing hundreds of times throughout the day.

What takes place in liberal mainstream media 24/7 is nothing but an act that all have rehearsed. It’s fake news. It’s spin. The American public is being duped by MSM, which is an arm of the Democrat Party. Call it brainwashing and indoctrination. In fact, one could call it “dumbing down” the public. For example, a recent report by a two year Senate Intelligence Committee of no evidence Trump colluded with Russia media continued claiming there was for some 2,040 minutes with zero minutes spent on the report saying otherwise.

Only the gullible thinks the Mueller Special Council Report, when forthcoming, will nail Trump for collusion. I guarantee you all that if witch hunter Mueller had a bombshell smoking gun he would have said something long ago to distract from the attempted coup to destroy Trump by Mueller’s friends in the FBI and DOJ. It turns out the cops and robbers are one and the same. Trump will get hammered for other things, but not collusion, even though the SC is supposed to be about collusion.

With all the successes Trump has in making America great again, how is it even possible for media to claim they are fair and balanced with wall to wall negative coverage throughout the day? One need not be a rocket scientist to figure out that does not compute logically, but then the left isn’t logical about anything.

Les Knoll,

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.