Walter Williams’ latest attack on environmental science is absurd even by his own low standards.

First he names two scientists who made “extreme” predictions — a half-century ago! Their forecasts were wrong, so science is stupid.

Actual facts render such a conclusion nonsensical. Although these guys were highly publicized, even back then they did not represent the scientific consensus. And since then, 50 years of research using powerful new methods and technologies has produced an overwhelming consensus among active climate scientists regarding climate disruption.

Then Williams maintains that since the Earth has undergone massive catastrophes — volcanoes, asteroids — without being destroyed, mere humans certainly can’t destroy it.

This is willful ignorance at its finest. Nobody is claiming that human-induced climate change will literally “destroy” the planet — pulverize it or knock it out of orbit.

We’re talking about making the surface of the planet inhospitable to the organisms that live here. The biosphere.

True, the massive Chicxulub asteroid impact failed to break apart the planet. However, it did kill off 75 percent of the plants and animals that lived here, including the non-avian dinosaurs. So there’s that.

And this time, Walter, it’s us.

Jon Hauxwell,