Our 40th President Ronald Reagan coined the phrase “a shining city on a hill” in describing America.

To some degree, thanks to Donald J. Trump in “making America great again,” we can still be described that way, however, criminality like never before in this country’s history is making many of us think otherwise about that shining hill. Our country has for some time now, gone completely off the rails when it comes to the rule of law and equal justice.

It makes one wonder if we have become a third-world country or a despotic one. It appears, in many ways, under our legal system, it’s all about who you are, not what you do.

No, this is not conspiracy theory. No, I am not making this up and yes, a major shock we have come to this as a country.

Trump comes along and all hell breaks loose because the establishment wanted the politician’s politician Hillary, and not a non politician named Trump that rightfully muddies the waters and wants to drain the swamp.

Crimes have been committed that may be beyond repair. Pay close attention readers to see what follows, especially what happens with a new attorney general heading up our Department of Justice, a department that has been compromised beyond belief in the past, as has the FBI.

The trail of corruption and criminality leads back to former president Obama — and Hillary, then on to our law enforcement agencies and deep, very deep, into other parts of our government, our media, and the Democrat Party. Call it a total abuse of power.

Their mission was, and still is, the destruction of a Trump presidency. At first it was all about preventing Trump from even becoming president. Then the scheme became a coup. In other words, the anti Trumpers want to kick Trump out of office no matter what it takes. Far too much of it is motivated by hatred for Trump.

Does our vote even count in who we want as our president or is that to be determined by the deep state that is clearly driven ideologically by a political party to the liberal and progressive left? What about those of us who are conservatives? If our votes don’t count then goodbye to America, once known as a democratic republic.

The criminality actually, is there for all to see. There are indisputable facts to back up my claims in this writing. No! You will not get this information from CNN, MSNBC, the three networks, the New York Times, Washington Post, let alone your local newspaper. In fact, parts of our government, media, and the Democrat Party have been one and the same in many respects.

Our law enforcement agencies provided Dems and media the weapons to destroy Trump. The whole thing has been politicized. Justice be damned. Trump’s presumption of innocence be damned by Democrats and media, even following the Mueller report of no collusion evidence. The Dems and media will press on looking under every rock on the shores of these United States for something, anything to destroy our commander in chief.

Not only was the Trump Russia collusion the biggest hoax ever, so was this the greatest miscarriage of justice. The Mueller Special Counsel was a hoax to begin with in that it was created based on a lie known as the fake dossier. If Mueller had any integrity he would never have taken the case to begin with for the simple reason there was never any evidence of a crime, including Trump colluding with Russia.

Two things to look for as we move forward. One bad, one good. The continued hatred of Trump by Democrats and media looking under every nook and cranny to impeach our president, even continuing with the collusion delusion. And, of course, obstruction of justice, even though not likely to fly. Secondly, efforts to right our ship, by bringing the criminals to justice. The tables will be turned on the Trump haters as investigations take place by Republicans and our Department of Justice.

Maybe, with prayer and help from a higher power, the Clintons, along with Obama, and others, will be brought to justice. Just to name a few — read up on Uranium One, Clinton Foundation, Hillary’s private email server, and FISA warrants to spy on Trump using a fake dossier.

In spite of the recent final special council report, Mr. Investigator Mueller needs to be investigated too for hiring an army of Clinton connected lawyers to take out Trump.

Les Knoll

Victoria and Gilbert, Ariz.