Four congresswomen don't stand for country

I am sure you are familiar with this adage: The squeaky wheel gets the oil. Well, the media has put enough oil on the Trump tweet about the four freshman congresswomen to silent all their squeaks. It's not working. They continue to spew forth hatred for Israel. America and all it stands for.

Is this really news? Of course it's not. It's another way to make Trump out to be the person they have projected him to be since he announced his run for president and since being elected.

Question: have the Democrats and the media elected these four to be the pulse of the party and America? Have the Democrats and the media decided these four should dictate morality for the country? These four, who advocate the destruction of Israel, the repel of the Constitution of the United States and the establishment of Islamic Law for America.

But here is the scary part: Americans elected these women, and many Americans support them and their views. Are a majority of Americans really of the mind set to let four votes in the House of Representatives establish how the Republic should govern? Have we come to the conclusion when statements by the president are made and misinterpreted by the Democrats and the media, are racist, he should be censored, while his accusers, doing the same thing, get praised. The congress is not just a swamp. It is an insane asylum and the inmates are taking charge.

John Fedele, Salina