Here's a vote for common goods

As a person who is a student and observer of the economy, I have comments on the letter to the editor “Look at role of social programs” that was in the Salina Journal on Oct. 3.

There are two economic systems; they are capitalism and socialism. According to Funk and Wagnalls Standard Desk Dictionary volume 1: communism is a social system. Communist countries use some form of Socialism with central planning (reference Economics: private and public choice by Gwartney and Stroup).

Countries do not use pure Capitalism or pure socialism. “The U.S. economy lies between these two extremes; it is a mixed economy that has a large private sector supplemented by active government involvement” from Economic Scenes Theory in Today’s World Fifth Edition by Brue and Wentworth.

Are persons who are not opposed to common goods — such as fire departments, police departments, armed services, public schools, departments of transportation and libraries — socialists? If so, call me a socialist.

Chuck Crawford, Wilson,