Here is a sampling of social media comments about stories from across the state:

Leavenworth Times Facebook: Editorial: Coronavirus no reason to panic but instead prepare

Tom Beal: The first numbers are FROM a small group of people.. to start with not a very accurate number.. 2500 cases .. wait until it's 100,000 infected those numbers.

Marc Mayhugh: 3,000 dead in China with major cities shut down. But what the heck, we're going to die somehow,right?

Karen Morton: Do you not see the difference between China and here? Really?

Hays Daily News Facebook: County to reduce services if sales tax proposals fail

Wayne Johnston: Our county roads are crappy, ambulance to get here 5 miles in dry weather 20 Minutes. We get crap out of our taxes from Ellis Co. Hell No On Taxes.

Chuck Halbleib: Sure they use health care scare to raise taxes. How about cutting the salaries of the commissioners to make up for short falls.

Alex Begler: What happens when that retail pull factor declines due to online shopping and more people shopping out of town? This sounds like a ransom for a hostage situation... Give more money or everyone dies....

Pratt Tribune Facebook: Traffic flow change at US-50/281 roundabout work zone

Eric Holmes: Went through it tonight and more people are going to get hurt from this!! It’s unsafe and was almost rear ended due to poor posting of anything, stops, direction?

Sara Kerschenske: Slow down and stop. We would love for our loved ones (workers) to come hone every night instead of being hit and killed!

Addie Hurtt: America trying to act like Europe!

Jana Stringfellow Pedigo: Worst idea Kansas has ever had.

Chad Krom: This is the dumbest thing they could of done they should have put a overpass with on and off ramps

Hutchinson News Facebook: Council agrees on new water tower paint scheme

Freddie Rodriguez: We could use a more representative flag design. Something with the cosmosphere and grain elevators as well as some wheat heads.

Bo Seiberling: You know what? I've been saying this all along! We don't need to waste funding on fixing the roads or frivolous stuff like that.... WE NEED TO PAINT THE WATER TOWER! Finally, the city council has heard the voice of the people!

Michael C. Blankenship: I don't understand why people are saying this is a waste of money. This is routine maintenance that needs done, so it is getting painted inside and out. The only difference is the color.

Christopher Wietrick: Ha! Not only do I love it...I see an unintended Smallville reference. Yes!!!

Ryan Cox: This design definitely looks better than some of the others that were presented

Salina Journal Facebook: Former Senate presidents say Wagle should put Kansans first

Ron Musfelt: Glad they blocked the expansion saved taxpayers some money

Doretta Braden (Ron Musfelt): no it won't. We are already paying the federal taxes to fund Expansion, while getting nothing in return. Kansas has lost out on over $3 billion of OUR taxpayer dollars for refusing Expansion. Time to bring our dollars back here to help Kansas economy, citizens, and hospitals!

Topeka Capital-Journal Facebook: Editorial commends nuns' moral stance on Medicaid expansion

Judy Bardsley: They are right.Stand up KS.

Kevin Groenhagen: How do we pay for the expansion?

Allie Lockwood: "There was no official support for the program in the absence of guarantees against abortion funding,” Naumann said. Where does funding for abortion come from? How much does the state of KS, with taxpayer money, pay for abortions each year?

Nathan Cameron: Republicans want people to go bankrupt when they have cancer. Gotta keep those stock prices up. Maintain that profit margin.

Larry Caldwell: My problem is how the way the Catholic Church dealt with the low standards of members who were abusing kids.