With state revenues now projected to be $1.2B less than originally estimated due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it makes sense that legislators will need to carefully evaluate the state’s financial situation moving forward. However, any solutions to the projected shortfall must not include the cruel and inhumane practice of dog racing. There has been discussion in Topeka about sports wagering, which could inadvertently lead to dog racing.

If the Kansas legislature were to include the three dog racetracks in Kansas as venues for sports wagering, then the Kansas Expanded Lottery Act (KELA) and Kansas Parimutuel Racing Act (KPRA) would require the racetracks to run live greyhound races. None of the three racetracks are currently in operation due to the unpopularity of dog racing. Forty-two states do not allow live commercial dog racing. Only 3 states have operational tracks.

Our legislators need to keep sports wagering out of the racetracks and dog racing out of Kansas. Bringing it back will not increase state revenues or create jobs. Contact your representative and say “no” to greyhound racing in Kansas.

Lisa VanHorn