How come there has been no discussion about raising the taxes only on the wealthiest among us since most of our decrease in taxes has gone to them for over 40 years, and we, the middle class and poor, have suffered the most.

When I was young, President Eisenhower continued high taxes on the wealthy at 92%/corporate 50% and it was Democrats (Kennedy-Johnson) who reduced them to 72% because they were lying and cheating anyway, so the story goes.

We need to return to those times to stabilize our economy and our mental/emotional health because the rich have harmed our economy, our environment and our educational system almost beyond repair, and it needs to stop.

Koch brothers and their multifaceted ALEC organizations reign of terror by inducing the supply side/"trickle down" economic model has been disastrous for most of us except the 1%, who now control or own more wealth than 60% of us.

That is a cause of great societal concern, or should be, and if one would look around the world, one would see the disasters caused by this great wealth held by only a few.

Deborah Plummer, St. Marys