Wagle and Ryckman are an embarrassment to Kansas, to the GOP and to themselves. Their criticism of Gov. Kelly is nothing but political partisan whining. We all want to go back to work, to go to restaurants, to movies, to shop in our favorite stores, to get haircuts and to visit friends.

The majority of us also want to be safe and not contract the coronavirus. We understand the hardship this pandemic has caused for the small nonessential business owner and for wage earners. Kansans will do what we can to support them as soon as it is reasonably safe.

I believe Gov. Kelly is doing everything that can safely be done to return Kansas to whatever degree of normalcy that will exist after this pandemic.

Wagle and Ryckman would be better served if they cared more for the people they represent than for the corporate donors that fill their coffers. They could take a positive step by working with banks, lending institutions and people with corporate influence to extend loans and delay payments interest free until small business owners and wage earners can get back on their feet.

Tim M. Edwards, Topeka