2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the end of WWII.

That vast, horrible war was one of the darkest periods in recorded history. Thank God it came to an end. The generation of men and women who served in that dreadful conflict are all but gone now, but a few remain. I'm sure many Memorial Day services will focus on this war and the greatest generation who won it.

I can not imagine the world in which we would live if these exceptional men and women had not made the sacrifices they did. They distinguished themselves in war and came home to distinguish themselves in peace. God bless them, everyone of them.

Some, many made the ultimate sacrifice. We must never, never forget our fallen. They have bequeathed us a priceless legacy. One of freedom the liberty purchased at the price of their futures, their lives. And their families have sacrificed dearly, too, and we must remember them as well.

Please do try to attend a service and please fly our flag on that day. We must show that we care deeply. God bless and watch over all who wear the uniforms of the US Armed Services. Respect and gratitude.

Douglas Simpson, Wichita