ATLANTA — Late Sunday night, a jubilant Dean Wade said there was a 98 percent chance he would play when his Kansas State Wildcats met Kentucky in the Sweet 16.

On Wednesday, the All-Big 12 forward who has missed three straight games with an injured left foot did some backpedaling.

“I don’t really know the percent, but I feel confident that I’ll be able to play,” Wade told reporters at Philips Arena, site of the South Regional semifinals. “I still have to talk to some people tomorrow morning and see how it’s feeling, and we’ll go from there. It’s day to day still, but I’m pretty confident that I’ll be able to play.”

While Wade’s latest remarks were much more tempered, the 6-foot-10 junior did participate in some of K-State’s practice drills Wednesday. He fielded post-entry passes, made light cuts and attempted a variety of jump shots — far more than the activity than demonstrated a week ago in Charlotte, N.C.

“This is the most he did today,” K-State coach Bruce Weber said. “He got involved in practice a little bit; now we’ve got to see how he feels after (the practice). I know he wants to play, but now after going we’ll see how much pain he has. We’ll just see what happens.”

If Wade is cleared to play, Weber admitted he would be restricted.

“If he played, it would be a minutes limit — two minutes here, two minutes there, see how he does,” Weber said. “I know it would be a nice boost for our guys, and with (Kentucky’s) size it definitely would help.”