Travis Kelce stepped up on a podium in Arrowhead Stadium, and even without a word, he'd already made a statement.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was the 11th player to appear in that location the week before the Super Bowl, with many of his teammates presenting themselves to the cameras while wearing team gear.

Kelce was an exception. He walked into the room wearing a gray hoodie, one featuring a red heart with two yellow letters — "KC" — in the middle.

The emblem was fitting. Kelce has never been hesitant to embrace his personal connection with Kansas City and its people.

So why not, on this day, proclaim that message across his chest as well?

"How much this city rallies around sports is second to none," Kelce said. "That's why I love being here. I want to play here for my entire career because of the type of support we get from this community."

Kelce, through experience, already knows the type of excitement that championship teams can create around these parts.

Back in 2014, the Kansas City Royals advanced to the World Series during Kelce's second year with the Chiefs. He became friends with many of the Royals then and even celebrated some victories at KC's Power & Light District with the players, on one occasion wearing a Royals hat and hoodie.

The Royals won it all the next season, though Kelce said he didn't have to let his mind wander about what KC might look like if the Chiefs ever accomplished a similar feat.

"Everybody else let me know," Kelce said with a smile.

Now in his seventh year, the Ohio-born Kelce remains open about his affinity for KC — a sentiment that also became clear last week following the release of behind-the-scenes NFL footage.

The Chiefs' Twitter account recently posted a video from the team's AFC Championship victory over Tennessee when both Kelce and teammate Tyrann Mathieu were mic'd up. As he was running onto the field before the game, Kelce screamed, flexed his arms in front of his body, then shot an imaginary arrow to the crowd before pumping his right hand on his chest.

"I love y'all!" he barked to the fans, before pointing down toward the turf. "This one's for you."

The video also showed an emotional postgame moment Kelce shared with Norma Hunt, the widow of team founder Lamar Hunt. The two embraced on the field while celebrating the Chiefs' 35-24 victory over the Titans.

"Look how many people are happy because of Lamar," Kelce told Norma. "He did this. So it's the best. It's the best feeling in the world. Let's go have some fun, bring a ring back this time."

Kelce also seemed to capture fans' excitement when talking to CBS announcer Jim Nantz after the win. He grabbed the microphone, leaning forward before repeating a famous Beastie Boys lyric: "I tell you what, it's been seven years coming, baby. I've learned one thing since I've been here: You've gotta fight, for your right, to party!"

"It was playing all day," Kelce said of the "Fight For Your Right" song. "A lot of people think I just came up with that on the spot, but we play that song after every time we score a touchdown, and we've scored quite a few these past two weeks. So this kind of just stuck in my head, and it felt like the timing was right."

Kelce described that exchange with Nantz as "a blast. It was a feeling I'd never felt before."

It was made all the more special while taking place in front of Chiefs fans at Arrowhead Stadium.

"How crazy it gets on Sundays, man," Kelce said, "it never gets old."

It's already been a record-setting season for Kelce. Earlier, he became the first NFL tight end to top 1,000 yards for four consecutive years, and he also has the most receiving yards by a tight end through the first seven seasons of a career.

The ultimate team goal still awaits. Kelce says he has plenty of support behind him, with many Royals sending encouragement over social media.

That includes former Royals first baseman Eric Hosmer.

"Big Hoz gave me a shout on Instagram and let me know the boys are rallying," Kelce said, "and it's time for us to bring one home for the city."

Kelce already knows what this could look like, having seen the wave of euphoria that comes with experiencing a championship.