MIAMI — The feeling in Kansas City is mutual.

Every Chiefs player was made available Wednesday to the media covering Super Bowl LIV, and quarterback Patrick Mahomes was asked what makes Kansas City special when he's not on the field.

"It was the people," Mahomes said. "The people are what really drew me to Kansas City, and what I hope I get to play their the rest of my career there now.

"Just the people and how accept you and how they care more about you as a person than they do as a player. And how much passion they have for the Chiefs, it's special and it's somewhere where I want to be for the rest of my career."

Despite his counting to 10 moment against Chicago last month, Mahomes is thankful that the Chiefs were the team that drafted him in 2017.

"I think I ended up in the perfect place," Mahomes said. "To have coach (Andy) Reid and these coaches around me, to have Alex Smith in front of me for a year and be able to learn from him and obviously to have all the players that I have around me. I'm in a place were the team was already a winning team, a team that had a lot of success and I came in, was able to just be who I am and ended up being able to win a lot of football games early in my career."

Mahomes signed a four-year rookie contract after he was drafted by the Chiefs, and that will expire at the end of the 2020 season.

Chiefs chairman/CEO Clark Hunt said the team wants Mahomes to stay where he is.

"I've said before that I hope Patrick is here for his entire career and that's going to be our goal," Hunt said Tuesday. "But there will be a right time, sometime in the next 12-15 months to extend Patrick and when I say right time, I mean right time for both, the player and the club. I don't want to say is has to necessarily be this off-season but I will say it's a priority to get it done."

Here are highlights of what else Mahomes and his teammates said on Wednesday:

Mahomes on falling behind in the first two playoff games: "It's funny because the last two years that I've played, I felt like we've always got off to a great start and scored a lot of points and at the last two games, we haven't been able to do that. So for us, it's about just going in there with the right mindset, not trying too much, stay with the game plan and I just played the last three quarters of both the last two games and if we do that and just execute a little bit higher level in the beginning of the game again, we can hopefully not fall behind like we have the last two weeks."

Andy Reid on what might have been if another team drafted Mahomes: "We wouldn't have Pat and he's pretty good."

Reid on last year's AFC Championship Game loss to the Patriots: "We came up short last year. ... It kind of fell on Dee (Ford). But it wasn't Dee at all. It was all of us were 4 inches short. Everybody took that responsibility to heart. We could have all done a better job. I was talking to the team after the game when we were still whole as a team before we went into the offseason. I think the guys were on the attack in the offseason. They had a taste of getting to the championship game and losing it. That's not a very good feeling. But there's something you can do about it and that was getting busy and have a great offseason and a great training camp and try to maintain your focus throughout the season and I think the guys have done that and I'm proud of them for taking that approach."

Tight end Travis Kelce on former teammate Kareem Hunt: "All I really want to say is I love that guy, he's a brother. He'll forever be one of my favorite teammates and hopefully I'll get a chance to play with him again in the future."

Running back Damien Williams on being the Chiefs' No. 1 running back after not being the starter in Miami: "It's wild ... but if you think about it, you've got a guy like Pat Mahomes back there throwing the ball, how he throws it and what he can do with it, all I can do is take every opportunity and run with it, which is why you know i think I'm so successful is because I'm taking advantage of every play I get as far as leaking out the backfield catching the ball. Of course, I'm a running back I want to the run the ball but being able to catch outside, I feel like I'm gonna get the ball more than a receiver."

Defensive lineman Terrell Suggs on former NFL defensive end Chris Doleman, who died Tuesday: "He was the first reason coming out I always wanted to wear 56. I wore 56 in pee-wee football because of Chris Doleman."