Following are the winners of the March 14th Tri-Star Basketball Contest sponsored by the Hays Optimist Club and Hays Recreation Commission in grades second through seventh. Twenty-five boys and 23 girls were tested in dribbling, passing and shooting at the Hays Recreation Gym. Winner of the Top Gun t-shirt given to a girl and boy who scored the most points were overall were Brynlee Rupp, a fourth grader, and Jacob Seib, a fifth grader. Winners of the basketball from a drawing for all participants were Paityn Armbruster and D.J. Branch. Trophies were awarded to the top three finishers in each grade.

All winner are from Hays unless noted. All participants also received a t-shirt.


2nd grade — 1. Paityn Armbruster; 2. Madelynne Corsair; Breckynn Terry.

3rd grade — 1. Ella Hartman.

4th grade — 1. Brynlee Rupp; 2. Kinley Pfannenstiel.

5th grade — 1. Selby Molina (Plainville); 2. Morgran Armbruster; 3. Brenna Fletcher.

6th grade — 1. Claire Shippers; 2. Nadalyn Ganoung (Plainville); 3. Holle Billinger.

7th grade — 1. MacKenzie Berry; 2. Gracyn Shippers; 3. Daniella Willeford.


2nd grade — 1. Striker Berry; 2. D.J. Branch; 3. Emery Zimmerman.

3rd grade — 1. Riley Windholz (Victoria); 2. Andrew Meagher; 3. Rhys Custer.

4th grade — 1. Easton Ditter; 2. Carson Ditter; 3. Riley Zimmerman.

5th grade — 1. Jacob Seib; 2. Levi Sullivan (Plainville); 3. Jaxson Miller (Goodland)

6th grade — 1. Eli May.

7th grade — 1. Hank Corsair.