KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The MIAA announced a five-year partnership extension with BlueFrame Technology through June 30, 2025. With the extension, BlueFrame continues to be the conference-wide streaming partner of the MIAA Network.

"We are excited to announce a new media partnership with BlueFrame Technology," said MIAA Commissioner Mike Racy. "The MIAA Network is one of the premier digital media platforms in NCAA Division II, and BlueFrame has played a major role in our broadcast success the past three years."

The new agreement allows the MIAA to become the first conference in NCAA Division II to have all its regular-season and championship events behind a paywall. It will also allow fans, who purchase a subscription, to view content in all MIAA sports and not limit them to a sport-specific subscription. The MIAA Network will also structure a new distribution model for how its member institutions share the revenue. All the revenue generated will continue to be returned to the institutions.

"This new agreement will transform the MIAA Network into a unique, pay-to-view college sports platform, unlike any other media property in Division II athletics," explained Commissioner Racy. "As the demand for college sports' media content continues to grow, it is important that the MIAA use cutting edge technology, innovative media concepts, and creative story-telling to connect with our fans. BlueFrame Technology has demonstrated that they are up to the challenge, and we are excited to enter into this new long-term partnership."

A new feature for fans will be having the option to do an annual or monthly subscription. The annual or monthly subscription allows access to all content for regular-season and conference championship broadcasts on The MIAA Network. Regardless of the subscription, fans will no longer be restricted to content from only one sport.

An additional feature for fans will be planned enhancements and minimum broadcast standards for all MIAA broadcasts to provide a consistent viewing experience from each member institution. Fans will also see new benefits like full HD, 1080p video quality, and full distribution through an all-new MIAA Network mobile app for iOS and Android with push notifications.

"BlueFrame is proud to continue to partner with the MIAA and its member institutions," stated BlueFrame Co-Founder and CEO Ben Kant. "We saw substantial growth from The MIAA Network in the first three years of our partnership and believe the new agreement will only continue to grow the production value, video quality, and access for MIAA fans. We look forward to working with the MIAA and its fans over the next five years."

BlueFrame Technology is an end-to-end live streaming technology provider specialized in the sports market. Based in Lexington, Kentucky, BlueFrame services all levels of sports organizations by providing the software to put their brand and message first. For more information, visit www.blueframetech.com