Connect to Cottonwood Extension District with social media, digital resources

By Stacy Campbell, K-State Extension
Stacy Campbell

With in-person interactions across the state severely limited due to the continuing pandemic, staying connected can be quite challenging. The Cottonwood Extension District in Barton and Ellis County has several social media accounts and other digital resources available, including a quarterly newsletter. Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, in addition to our website,

The Cottonwood Extension District is part of the land-grant university—Cooperative Extension System, better known as K-State Research & Extension. We are part of Kansas State University the College of Agriculture and the College of Health and Human Sciences. Our goal is to bring the university to the people, through unbiased research-based information and education. Primarily in the core areas of Family, Consumer Sciences and Wellness, 4-H Youth Development, Community Development, Horticulture, Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Cottonwood District has an active Facebook page providing current updates, videos, events and activities hosted by us  This year during both the Barton and Ellis County Fairs the style revues and junior livestock shows were posted on Facebook Live. 

Cottonwood District has become active on Twitter posting current news and updates mainly in agriculture and horticulture--videos, events, activities and upcoming programs. You can follow the Cottonwood Extension District on Twitter at @CottonwoodExt. Also the two agriculture agents in the district have Twitter accounts. Alicia Boor’s Twitter account focuses primarily on livestock and forage production at @lishboor and Stacy Campbell’s Twitter account focuses primarily on crop production at @scampbel_stacy.

Within the last year the Cottonwood District has started a YouTube channel in an effort to try and reach more folks with our research based information and education. A few short and informative videos are posted as well as some in depth programs and presentations on specific topics. Stay tuned to this channel we will continue to add more content.

Last but not least, Cottonwood Extension District puts out a digital quarterly newsletter. We send out an email notification to those that have subscribed to our newsletter when it is available. If you would like to subscribe to the quarterly newsletter let our Hays Office Professional, Theresa Meis know, she can be contacted at You can also access the newsletter on our web site at

Be sure to check out these social media and digital resources and get them book marked or subscribe to these free resources.

Stacy Campbell is an Agriculture and Natural Resources agent in the Cottonwood District (which includes Barton and Ellis counties) for K-State Research and Extension. You can contact him by e-mail at or calling 785-628-9430, if after hours please leave a voice-mail for a return call.