Letter to the editor: Justice was served

Lester Knoll, Victoria

Democrat House impeachment managers are clearly showing two things:  1) it's all political having nothing to do with right vs. wrong or the Constitution.   2) they have pure unadulterated hate for Trump!.  

 As a cradle to grave Christian, I need to pray for Democrats since my beliefs are that hatred toward a person leads straight to hell. Small wonder it is Trump that gets the Christian vote and not Democrats.

There was lots of hypocrisy in the Dem presentations.  It's wrong for Trump to use the word "fight" but common day rhetoric for Dems  as a very lengthy clip demonstrated.  Dems have used that word hundreds of times in the past to rile up their base.

Another hypocrisy is that Trump voters should be censored or go to jail by claiming the election was stolen. Video clips showed everybody and their uncle on the Dem side screamed bloody murder about Trump stealing the election of 2016. Oh my god, then there's the coup that Trump colluded with Russia to win his election - followed by a multi million dollar three year investigation that proved nothing.

Perhaps the most blatant hypocrisy was painting the Capital riot as the worst in American history and, of course, caused by Trump.  None of the House managers or Dems in the Senate or Nancy Pelosi or President Biden condemned months of riots by terrorists across America by looting businesses, burning buildings, injuring police, even killing some.  Even some Dems openly supported the riots.

Trump was afforded no due process when the impeachment was in the House - an unprecedented and unconstitutional procedure. Every procedure used in a court of law was trampled on.  

I've written the following past three letters to the editor.   One was on America as a third world country, then one claiming Dems can do anything with no accountability, and a third that there is no equality of justice as Dems have one standard and Reps another.  The impeachment proved all of my points. 

The desperation of House managers, as their case fell apart, was despicable and immoral. They started making things up, doctored, fabricated, and created out of context clips.  Last time I checked that's not a road to life hereafter either. 

The fact that the Capitol riot was planned weeks, maybe months, ahead of time should have been a red flag for Democrats.  The rioters invaded the Capital before Trump even spoke at the rally so how did Trump incite the riot with his words?  Why no capital security, a responsibility of Democrat leadership in congress?  That is a huge question, yet to be answered.  

Justice was served with a Trump acquittal, but ethics, morality, and constitutionality took a back seat like never before in American history impeachment proceedings.

Lester Knoll