Berny Unruh: Something new and fun for 2021

Berny Unruh
Berny Unruh

What’s the new and fun class at the fair this year? Aprons! The classes for the apron division include: 1. An apron made by a former 4-H member; 2. Vintage apron; 3. Special occasion apron; 4. Men’s apron. The exhibitor is asked to share the history of the apron on a 3 x 5 card so the public can learn what is special about the apron.

The rules and guidelines for this contest and all the other opportunities can be found at  Look under Government and then under Ellis County Fair and “4-H Events” to find the Open Class portion of the fair book.

All fair entries must be pre-entered in advance at by Thursday, July 1st at midnight. This will allow entry tags to be printed and ready for you when you arrive to enter your exhibits. On the fair entry website, search for “Ellis County”, then set up an account using your email address and a password.  You will receive email confirmation that your entry has been received.

Another fun contest is the King Arthur Flour baking competition, the exhibitor must bring the opened bag of King Arthur Flour or submit a UPC label from the bag when the entry is made at the fair. The contestant will exhibit 3 standard size muffins on a disposable plate and bring it to the fair. Don’t forget to bring the recipe on entry day. Open class foods entries must be brought to the fairgrounds exhibit hall between 8 and 9 am on Tuesday, July 13th.  

Another special class that is open to anyone who wants to get in on the fun is class 52 in Open Class Foods. The theme for this year is “Dips – any kind, sweet, savory, whatever you want to bring”. The judging for this class takes place at the conclusion of the formal food entry judging.

Now is the time to plan a fair exhibit and get it entered online by July 1st at If you do have questions, call the Cottonwood Extension office and we will be glad to help you.

Berny Unruh is the Family and Community Wellness Agent for the Cottonwood Extension District.  She can be reached at 785-628-9430 or at