Ellis County receives grant to purchase weather radios

Staff Writer
Hays Daily News

The Heartland Community Foundation notified Ellis County Fire & Emergency Management of approval for a grant from the Dane G. Hansen Community Grant Fund in the amount of $2,500. The grant was submitted to assist in the purchase of new National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) weather radios, for in home use.

The grant will provide funds to purchase approximately 100 weather radios. The grant will help residents who receive a radio by providing an early warning notification for severe weather while inside their home. These devices, which would be linked to the National Weather Service system would alert residents who are indoors with devices similar to a fire alarm.

As a reminder, outdoor warning sirens are designed to only notify citizens who are outdoors and not those who are inside a structure. These new weather radios will help fill that gap.

Ellis County greatly appreciates the support from the Heartland Community Foundation and the Dane G. Hansen Foundation with their continuous support for Northwest Kansas projects.