Ellis County shortens quarantine guidelines

Ellis County Health Department

In conjunction with the updated quarantine guidelines issued by the CDC and KDHE on Dec. 2nd, 2020, the Ellis County Health Department is issuing similar guidance for Ellis County.

Quarantine Guidelines for Positive Cases:

Individuals with a positive COVID-19 test result will continue with a required 10-day isolation period that begins at the onset of symptoms or date of test (whichever is longer).

Quarantine Guidelines for Close Contacts:

There are two options, one with testing and one without testing. Both require the individual to be symptom-free throughout the duration of the quarantine period.

Option 1- 7-Day Quarantine (Testing and No Symptoms)

· After exposure, individual must monitor symptoms daily for 7 days.

· If there are no symptoms during this time frame, on or after day 5, the individual may get a PCR test (antigen and antibody tests are NOT allowed for this purpose).

· If the test is negative and the person remains symptom-free, the individual can discontinue quarantine on or after day 7.

· If testing results are pending on day 7, the individual must not leave quarantine until results are received.

· If the individual tests positive they must isolate for 10 days from the date of test.

Option 2 - 10-Day Quarantine (No testing and No symptoms)

· After exposure, you monitor yourself for symptoms daily for 10 days.

· If you have no symptoms during the 10 days, you can discontinue quarantine without a test.

ECHD will continue to recommend that all exposed individuals self-monitor for symptoms for 14 days from exposure and contact their healthcare provider if symptoms develop.

Due to high-risk environments, residents in long-term care facilities, assisted-living facilities and incarcerated individuals are not eligible for shortened quarantine periods.

These shortened quarantine guidelines will take effect beginning Monday, Dec. at 8 a.m. Any individuals in quarantine that are symptom free and have completed 10 days of isolation as of Dec. 8 at 8 a.m. can discontinue quarantine.