Grow Hays announces 2021 Board of Directors

Grow Hays

Grow Hays is announcing the appointed five new board members to serve on the Grow Hays Board of Directors. The newly elected board members are Bob Muirhead, Joseph Boeckner, Joannah Applequist, Kris Munsch and Brandon Hines. Each will serve a three year term.

Gina Riedel will serve as Board Chair, Jason Ball as Vice-Chair and Eddie Herrman as Past Chair. Additional members of the Board are Lance Bickle, Errol Wuertz, Brian Dewitt, Cory Eberle, and Joe Leroux.

“We received applications from 12 individuals willing to serve. It is great to see this level of interest and commitment from community members interested in making Ellis County a better place to live and work” said Doug Williams, Executive Director of Grow Hays.

Grow Hays is dedicated to promoting economic growth in Ellis County with the mission of Business Creation, Business Retention and Expansion and Business Recruitment.