Cunningham: It shouldn't be easy

By Rick Cunningham, HDN Contributor
Rick Cunningham

When I write this article, it’s just my opinion. This is from a guy who won’t buy a cell phone and refuses to use advances in technology unless I have no choice.

When fishing and hunting, I usually choose the hard way, and when I have success, that (for me) makes it so sweet. If any other sportsman wants to take advantage of new tools for the sportsman, that’s OK. That’s called freedom.

I just finished my 31st year of bow hunting, and other than having a newer bow, I still hunt the same way.

Over the years, trail cameras, feeders, and crossbows have become available. Trail cameras will let a hunter know what kind of deer are in your area. Some cameras will instantly send a picture to your cell phone telling you what time it was moving. Feeders can disperse food at the time of your choice and can be put in locations that can steer movement past your stands. Crossbows have a scope and can shoot farther; not having to draw your bow is a big advantage.

My favorite type of hunting is turkey hunting. I’ve hunted with friends in a blind, with chairs, drinking coffee and able to move around without being seen. I choose to sit against a tree, which is much more uncomfortable.

When hunting ducks or geese, I still hunt out in the bitter cold. When hunting pheasants, I hunt wild birds, not penned-raised birds.

When I fish, I like to fish from the shore, not in a fancy boat with a fish finder. I’ve ice fished with a very close friend who fishes inside a heated hut sitting on a chair. He has a fish finder that shows the fish. I still prefer to stand on the ice out in the cold.

One more thought: In my opinion, when you take the life of any animal, it should not be easy. You’ve just killed an animal and it should be a big deal, and I think that when it’s hard, it reminds us that it is.

Even in years when I’m lucky and fill my tag early, I’ve still spent a lot of hours hanging stands in hot weather and scouting.

However you choose to hunt or fish, please be safe.

May God bless you all.

Rick Cunningham is an avid outdoorsman from Ellis.