Ag leasing subject of online talk

By Alicia Boor, K-State Extension Agent
Alicia Boor

One of the many effects of the pandemic is as there may not be as many occasions to learn in an onsite forum, there are many online learning opportunities to take advantage of than ever before. My online presence has increased in the last year and I have also taken advantage of a good number of courses available to learn myself.

This year, I will highlight online meetings that I will be hosting, as well as share meetings that are being held throughout the state that may be of interest.

The first meeting I would like to highlight is from Chuck Otte in Geary County. Any given year there are always a good number of questions regarding leasing arrangements, and the Geary County program should be beneficial to anyone that leases ground or is looking to do so.  

Agricultural Lease Meeting, Virtual Presentation 

The Geary County Extension Office is hosting a video conference on agricultural leases on

Wednesday, January 13th.  The meeting will start at 7:00 p.m. and last 1 – 1½ hours.  In order to participate you will need a computer, tablet or smart phone to join on the Zoom presentation. Geary County Extension Agent, Chuck Otte, will discuss various topics on agricultural leases including: the impact of the Kansas ag lease law, crop share leases, cash leases and the importance of communication. There is no charge for the session but, participants must email Otte to register so that the connection information and Zoom password can be provided. To sign up email Chuck at and he will respond with the needed information. This virtual presentation will be recorded and will be made available for later viewing. K-State Research and Extension is an equal opportunity provider and employer. 

Alicia Boor is an Agriculture and Natural Resources agent in the Cottonwood District (which includes Barton and Ellis counties) for K-State Research and Extension. You can contact her by e-mail at or calling 620-793-1910