Holmes: Forget Trump, move on

Richard Holmes, Hays

In light of the 1/6/21 Capitol insurrection of seditious and fanatical Trump loyalists, I feel the need to express the following sentiments.

   If in the first 100 days of the Biden/Harris administration, Republicans, Democrats, and Libertarians persist with partisan gridlock, then we can expect perpetual partisan extremism and do-nothing legislation to drag most of us down into--if not a death spiral for democracy--a tragicomedy of more time-worn lies, creative falsehoods and vicious smackdowns.

   Put simply, more of the same old, same old, politically speaking. Worse, dependent on know-nothing voter blocks which keep this duplicitous political machinery operating at (no apologies for this term) "warp speed." Or as a saying from the recent past goes, "bedazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with b------t."

   We need desperately a "Real Ideal Party" (RIP), or our democracy will flounder and possibly die an unnatural death. We need to demand and expect much higher standards from all politicians, because a thriving democracy is best nourished and strengthened through a heady brew of realism and idealism that combines for the good of as many people as possible.

   The alternatives? Too many to name, too frightening to contemplate. So Mr., Mrs. and Miss Politician, let us strive to live the many ideals we profess.

   Don't wait long, though. And, lastly, forget Trump and move on. Words matter, character matters. Let's all matter.

Richard Holmes