Lows to swing below zero

Hays Daily News Staff
A week of bitter cold and single-digit temperatures is freezing the ice on area ponds and on Big Creek, seen here from the swinging bridge over the low-water dam.

Temperatures in coming days are predicted to continue in the single digits, with lows below 0.

Forecasters are calling for a high of 5 degrees on Friday and a low of minus-four degrees, and a chance for snow showers this evening, according to The Weather Channel web site.

Saturday is set for a high of 7 degrees, a low of minus-5; Sunday a high of 2 degrees and a low of minus-13 with a chance for snow showers; and Monday a high of 4-degrees and an unbelievable low of minus-16.

Not until Tuesday will the low reach 0 degrees and the high 9 degrees, and the rest of next week's highs warming to 18 degrees next Wednesday, 29 degrees next Thursday and 37 degrees next Friday.