United Way, CARE Council support DSNWK

DSNWK press release

Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas is proud to announce that The United Way of Ellis County has allocated $25,600 for the Job Placement Follow-along program for 2021.

Follow-along services are provided to all individuals who complete DSNWK's Job Placement Program for support to maintain employment and for additional training in the future. DSNWK’s Job Placement Follow-along program can intervene before the individual loses his or her employment and reduces the dollars spent on job procurement, training new employees, and unemployment or disability payments.

ACCESS Public Transportation was informed by the CARE Council of Ellis County that they have recommended an allocation to the Hays City Commission for an award of $77,732.50 for transportation services from the City of Hays Social Service Funds for the 2022 budget. ACCESS provides general public transportation services to the people of Hays and Ellis County.

DSNWK would like to thank the United Way of Ellis County for their continuous support of people with developmental disabilities and to the Care Council for recommending an allocation to the City of Hays for ACCESS general public transportation.

DSNWK is a 501c3 nonprofit serving 18 counties in northwest Kansas with a mission to advocate for persons with disabilities and those who care about them by planning and supporting a life of dignity, interdependence, and personal satisfaction in the community.