City looks at almost $1M in street work for 2021

Margaret Allen
Hays Daily News
City of Hays 2021 Street Repair Program

The city of Hays is looking at nearly $1 million in sidewalk and street work for the 2021 season.

If approved by the city commission Thursday, some projects could start this spring, as weather permits, while others will have to wait until summer and warmer weather, according to the city’s public works director Jesse Rohr.

Rohr presented the annual project plan to the Hays City Commission at its regular work session March 4. The commissioners will vote on the plan at their regular meeting Thursday in City Hall, 1507 Main.

Spring projects include new sidewalks, historic brick repair, and concrete patching.

Summer projects include seal coat, polypatch, asphalt pavement milling and overlay, and pavement markings. 

Property owners and others with an interest in each project will be notified in advance of the work, Rohr said, which totals about $959,000.

Projects and low bidders are:

— Seal Coat will fill fine cracks developing in asphalt and preserve the life of streets using a bituminous liquid mixture, giving it a smooth black finish. 

Low bid was $189,220 from Circle C Paving of Goddard.

— Polypatch will fill large cracks and depressions in various streets.

Low bid was $21,980 from Stripe & Seal of Hays.

— Curb and brick repair of the city’s old brick streets is set for two areas: the 200 block of East 16th from Oak to Pine, and the 200 block of West 16th from Ash to Fort, on the north half of the street only.

Low bid was $298,553 from J Corp of Hays.

— Concrete patching of six locations where concrete panels have deteriorated and need replacement. 

Low bid was $177,706 from Morgan Brothers of La Crosse.

— Asphalt mill and overlay, which involves milling the surface two-inches deep then overlaying with two inches of new asphalt pavement is proposed for Fort Street from 33rd to 38th. 

Low bid was $109,826 from APAC of Hays.

— Pavement markings on Vine Street from 13th to 29th streets need repainted with specialized equipment and heavy duty paint that holds up to heavy traffic. 

Low bid was $118,900 from Road Safe of Wichita.

— City staff is proposing sidewalks be installed along East 22nd Street from the multi-use path connection to Wheatland Avenue; for the corner of 13th and Golden Belt; and at the corner of 13th and Agnes. 

Low bid was $43,015 from J Corp of Hays. 

About $12,417 will be reimbursed to the city for the East 22nd Street sidewalk by the Heart of America Development Corp.