Schmidt Foundation offers 5 full-ride scholarships at FHSU

FHSU press release
An FHSU student enters a campus building.

It has been proven time and time again that hard work and dedication can change a student’s life. The Schmidt Foundation wants to be part of that change for Fort Hays State University students on their journey through higher education. Thanks to the Schmidt Foundation’s generosity, five new full-ride scholarships in the amount of $14,900 each will be awarded for the 2021-22 school year to hardworking high school seniors who enroll at FHSU.

Preference for these scholarships will be given to first-generation students from Kansas planning to major in healthcare, education, business, entrepreneurship, arts, or communication programs. The Schmidt Foundation Scholars scholarship includes 30 hours of tuition and fees for fall and spring courses, books, room and board. Once accepted, recipients can renew their scholarship for up to three additional years by maintaining their academic standing and continuing to meet the scholarship requirements.

“The Schmidt Foundation is proud to partner with Fort Hays State University to provide five new full-ride scholarships,” said Gary Shorman, president of the Schmidt Foundation. “We understand that college can be expensive, but if students are willing to put in the work, we want to help. We are seeking to offer hard-working high school seniors with grit and determination the opportunity to change their lives through education.”

Shorman and the Schmidt Foundation recognize that sometimes financial assistance is all that a student needs to not just succeed, but to excel.

“These scholarships will provide amazing opportunities for our future leaders by investing in them and giving them the resources needed to make their academic dreams a reality,” said Joey Linn, vice president for Student Affairs at FHSU. “The Schmidt Foundation is truly making dreams come true with a financial commitment to the youth of Kansas, and we can’t thank its board enough for its generosity!”

If you or someone you know fits these requirements and is willing to go the extra mile for a full- ride scholarship, more information can be found by visiting The application deadline for this particular scholarship opportunity is April 1.

For questions regarding the application process, please contact Jessica Albin at 785.628.4401 or