After 'great ride,' longtime Hays veterinarian Steve Mosier to retire

C. Jayden Smith
Hays Daily News
Dr. Steve Mosier is retiring from veterinary medicine after 50 years of serving Hays and the surrounding community.

Dr. Steve Mosier is retiring from his post at Hays Veterinary Hospital and veterinary medicine after 50 years of serving Hays and the surrounding community.  

Mosier, a Hoxie native, graduated from Kansas State University in 1966, moved to Hays in 1970 and has not moved since.  

Growing up on a farm with four older brothers that all went into veterinary medicine, he said their influence drove him into the field.  

“I looked around and decided, ‘Well, if they think that’s a good profession, I probably ought to do that, too,’ ” Mosier said. 

He has been blessed in his line of work, he said, meeting countless great people and great pets over the years.  

Mosier feels as though he’s “had a great ride,” and that he experienced plenty of joy while working.  

Over time, he developed a deeper understanding of the bond between animals and their owners and learned the importance of communication between pet owners and veterinarians.  

“I like the idea that you can have an optional approach and have the owner be involved and decide what to do as far as the treatment of their animal,” Mosier said.  

The best part of his job was interacting with the people and the pets, and the hardest part was not having an outcome swing in his favor.  

“There comes a time, and it’s the fairest thing for the pet, that they be euthanized and that’s tough on everybody,” he added.  

Throughout his career in Hays, Mosier said he's had quite a few work stories that have made his days better.  

Despite enjoying his career, he cautioned aspiring medical school students, especially those in veterinary medicine, to weigh the cost of entering the field against other potential benefits. Mosier said it has grown astronomically over the years.  

As technology has advanced significantly, people have grown to expect more when taking care of their pet, which can have a negative effect on veterinarians and others that work in the offices.  

“I’ve had a good ride, and it’s been good to me, but I would want them to take a look at that,” Mosier said. “You talk about life balance, work balance, and everything, and it is a commitment.” 

Mosier, 78, cited age and the health concerns that come with it as factors in his decision to retire. 

When the veterinary hospital posted his retirement plans on Facebook last week, the news was met with a flurry of positive and uplifting comments.  

“Thank you for all of your great work all of these years!” Josh Gauger said. “We as a community have been blessed having you!” 

“Thank you, Dr. Mosier, for your care and empathy when our felines were ready for the rainbow bridge,” Karen Pfeiffer added. “And thank you for enlightening our daughter with a love of animals.” 

Mosier looks forward to spending time with his family, which has provided him with constant support.