Spring Art Walk a ‘wonderful buffet of art’

Blaise Mesa
Hays Daily News
Animal art, such as this piece created by Mazie, a Speckled Kingsnake at the Sternberg Museum of Natural History, will be available during the Hays Spring Art Walk on Saturday in downtown Hays. The animal paintings can be found at Indigo by Jasmine.
Picasso, a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach at Sternberg Museum, "paints" art for the Hays Art Walk on May 1s. The animal art can be found at Indigo by jasmine.

The Hays Arts Council Spring Art Walk will feature work by Picasso. Pablo Picasso may have died in 1973, but Picasso the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach lives on and paints to this day.   

“He is a magnificent painter, but sometimes he just isn't inspired, so he eats the paint and is all better,” said an April 26 Facebook post by the Sternberg Museum of Natural History. “For being a bug, he is rather adorable.”

The art walk has something for everyone, whether you prefer art paintings by bugs, written word, performance art or drum circles.

“It is like the most wonderful buffet of art,” said Brenda Meder, executive director of the Hays Arts Council. “There are two dozen locations or sites that are participating on the art walk. Within those two dozen sites are three dozen features.” 

The Spring Art Walk kicks off Friday night at the Downtown Pavilion with a performance from the Fort Hays State University Jazz Band. Meder said this will be the band’s first public performance since Nov. 2019. 

The art walk will take place on Saturday from 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Meder said the art walk would usually be three hours on Friday night but was moved back to allow people more time to walk around. She said adding extra time was due to the pandemic. Giving people more time to enjoy the art will ensure the event isn’t as crowded as it could be. 

Meder said food won’t be offered like it has in the past, but there are plenty of local restaurants nearby. 

“There is so much that you can visit,”  she said. “This is a great opportunity for the arts to contribute to their economic benefit on Saturday.”

Most exhibits stretch from 13th and Main to 7th and Main and are only a block off main street. Only the Moss Thorns Gallery of Art and design at the FHSU Center for Art and Design will be away from the main stretch. 

Meder said a full list of locations and exhibitions can be found at the Hays Arts Council’s website. She said patrons won’t need to bring anything with them and tickets won’t be sold. 

The 52nd annual Smoky Hill Art Exhibition will also debut at the arts walk. The exhibition is “the anchor” of the walk and features art from across the state. That showcase lasts until June 9. 

“It’s a great day to take a walk in Hays,” Meder said. “You just go and enjoy.”