Son publishes work of 'Real Kansas girl' Bev Lethem Davis

Charles Rankin
Hays Daily News

A collection of poetry and short stories that reflect on the life and experience of rural America was published recently by the late Beverly Lethem Davis, or as her son, Kevin called her, a "Real Kansas girl."

"Rime of Time: Poetry and Short Stories," by Bev Lethem Davis was published in March by son Kevin Davis after Bev's passing in 2019. Kevin said the collection reflects his mom's love and passion for rural life in Kansas.

Bev Davis was working on "Rime of Time: Poetry and Short Stories," before her passing in 2019, with the help of friends and the local group Prairie Poets and Writers.

Kevin finished what Bev started and got the book published earlier this year. He's proud of the work his mother did and was excited to get it out to the world, especially to the place she called home for many years.

"You can really be able to feel the western Kansas heritage," Kevin Davis said.

The stories don't just look at Kansas, but at life in rural America in general. Kevin said generations before him were from Kentucky with his grandparents moving to Kansas after the war.

Bev Davis and son Kevin Davis spent a lot of time in Kansas. Kevin recently published "Rime of Time," a book his mom began working on before she passed away in 2019.

Truly spending much of her time and life dedicated to Kansas, Bev was born and raised in Phillipsburg and went to Fort Hays State University before transferring to Kansas State University. She brought her love of writing to her career, spending years teaching junior high English.

Kevin said his motivation for getting the book finished was to complete the legacy his mom had left behind and her love of this type of life.

"A lot of people knew her," Kevin said. "It's hard for me to reach out to the people that would want to read this."

Kevin said his mother is missed by her friends and family. Different roles that Bev played in the life of many are included in her biography in the book. These are titles such as mom, wife, sister, friend, teacher and writer.

Two titles given by her nieces and nephews stand out for Kevin though. Those titles are FBAB, which means Favorite Beautiful Aunt Bev and Uncle Bev.

"She made them call her that after several of them could not say Aunt and called her Uncle Bev when they were very little and learning to talk," Kevin said. "Her nieces and nephews were like grandkids to her and she loved her family dearly."

Published in March by Palmetto Publishing, "Rime of Time" is available now at stores online. To support a local bookstore in central or western Kansas or elsewhere, the book is available to buy at It is also available at national retailers including Amazon, Target and Barnes and Noble.