Hays Public Library to unveil improvements to children's area

Blaise Mesa
Hays Daily News
Construction is completed on the Hays Public Library's Beach Early Childhood Area, a space dedicated for early literacy. It will open to the public on Friday with a special storytime at 10 a.m.

The Hays Public Library’s Beach Early Childhood Area will reopen on Friday with educational toys and story time at 10 a.m. 

“The whole area has been redone. (We are) really trying to make an engaging and fun area for our earliest learners,” said Callie Kolacny, communications coordinator at the Hays Public Library. “Play is also extremely important in the development of children.” 

Kolacny said children reading and reading to children is important, but added they learn through play. She said engaging them at an early age could lead to increased literacy later on. 

The childhood area will also feature new toys purchased by the Hays Area Children’s Center. These toys help develop “pre-literacy skills and the exploration of STEM concepts,” said a May 10 press release announcing the purchase of the toys. 

Kolacny said the toys focus on sensory activities, like the toddler ball run. This toy begins to teach children about momentum, speed and gravity. The completed children's area will serve hundreds of adolescents and was made possible in part by a $30,000 donation by the Beach-Edwards Family Foundation. 

Kolacny said those funds helped do “fine touches” to the new renovations, which have been completed. The public hasn’t seen the improvements because a wall has covered up the children’s area, but that wall comes down when the area opens on Friday. 

 “Anytime that you really get kids to love learning and reading at a young age then it helps them through school years and adulthood,” she said.