Norton City/County Economic Development announces new housing program

Norton City/County Economic Development

NORTON – Norton City/County Economic Development (NCCED) announces the Fresh. New. Norton County housing program, encouraging residents to “Fix up your home and your hometown.”  

Through the Fresh. New. Norton County program, NCCED is challenging all residents to flip, renovate, repaint, or build a brand-new home in order to give the communities of Norton County a fresh new start and welcome new residents. Fresh. New. Norton County includes eight grant-funded incentives, outlined below. Residents are able to take advantage of one incentive per qualifying property. Full details and applications to apply can be found online at

For Developers

  • Fix and Flip Program

Get 0% interest short-term funding for the purchase, renovation and resale of housing. Qualifying units include those identified as dilapidated or major wear in the 2019 Norton County Wide Housing Study.

  • Free Lot Program

Free lots! Qualified developers can have specific lots cost-free within the Cities of Almena, Lenora or Norton for new residential units. Eligible projects include a minimum specified quantity/quality of new residential structures meeting design and timing specifications set out for that parcel of ground.

For Home Purchases and New Home Construction

  • Build on Cleared Lot Incentive

Build a new home on a cleared lot with city infrastructure in Almena, Lenora or Norton and receive a bundled package of grants and incentives of approximately $10,000 to $12,000.

  • Down Payment Assistance Plan

Buy a home in Almena, Lenora or Norton, and we’ll help with the down payment and closing costs through a one-time closing cost grant and a 0% down-payment loan. Home must be a primary residence to qualify.

For Existing Home and Property Owners

  • Landfill Waiver for Teardowns

Clear uninhabitable homes from lots to ready them for new construction, and we’ll waive the landfill fees. Qualifying lots include those identified as dilapidated in the 2019 Norton County Wide Housing Study.

  • Home Rehab Program

Give your older home in Almena, Lenora or Norton a major upgrade and receive a rebate grant of up to 10% for material purchases. Home must be owner-occupied, and upgrades must qualify as a major rehabilitation project with material purchases exceeding $20,000.

  • Paint-the-Town Program

Update your home with a fresh coat of paint, and we’ll provide a one-time grant of $300 for paint and materials.

For Seniors

  • Senior Living Relocation Incentive
  • Residents of Almena, Lenora or Norton transitioning from home ownership to qualifying senior housing, assisted living, or long-term care within Norton County can receive a one-time grant of $5,000 at home closing.

“We've got big dreams for Norton County, but many homes and lots need a serious refresh,” said Mike Posson, Executive Director of Norton City/County Economic Development. “Through these incentives, we hope to give our communities a fresh new start and welcome new residents. Every transformation—no matter how large or small—is helping our community transform. We’re excited to see the progress made as a result of this program!”

Fresh. New. Norton County. is made possible by the generous funds and resources committed by the City Councils of Almena, Lenora and Norton; the Norton County Commissioners; the Norton County Community Foundation; the Dane G. Hansen Foundation; and the Norton City/County Economic Development Board.

For more information, please contact Mike Posson at 785-874-4816, via email at, or at the office, 205 S. State Street in Norton.