Kansas songwriter John Depew to perform at Paisley Pear

Press Release

The Paisley Pear Wine Bar, 1100 Main St. in Hays, will host a live music event on Saturday, July 3, 2021.

Born and raised in central Kansas, John Depew is a multiinstrumentalist songwriter with a background in bluegrass and old-time American music.

Drawing from those traditions as well as influences from gypsy jazz to modern indie rock to classic country and blues, Depew has developed a sound all his own. Described as “Kansas lonesome” and “a fresh, un-cliched sound” by musicologist Ted Gioia (author of Music: A Subversive History and The History of Jazz, Oxford University Press), and “One of a kind” by Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Depew features mandolin, clawhammer banjo, bouzouki and acoustic guitar. His debut self-titled album invites listeners to think seriously about topics from food production and rural life to mental health to parenthood, while also embracing the beauty and wonder in both the natural world and the interior one.

In early 2021, John launched what he called the “Front Porch Tour,” a series of small outdoor concerts at the homes of friends and fans to comply with restrictions due to covid.

As life moves closer to normalcy, he has begun traveling further afield, making appearances across the Rocky Mountain West, and with a busy calendar of festivals, music venues and private events across the Great Plains and beyond. He has found receptive ears on radio programs from to Texas to Montana, and is planning to begin recording a second solo album in early 2022.

He lives with his wife and children more than a mile from his nearest neighbors in south-central Kansas and enjoys the solitude that provides. He is not fond of large cities, television or margarine, but finds joy in outdoor adventure, fermentation, and wood heat.