Master Gardener: Ellis County Fair

Master Gardeners of Ellis County
Master Gardener

The Master Gardeners serve as Superintendents for the Horticulture (Garden) and Floriculture (Flowers) entries at the Ellis County Fair. The Master Gardener’s are responsible for check-in of entry, organizing display of the entries, assisting the judge, documenting and posting the results and helping with the release of the entries. If desired, Master Gardeners will also help participants make sure they are following criteria and preparation suggestions for presentation.

Typically, Horticulture exhibits are entered and judged on Tuesday of Fair Week and Floriculture exhibits are entered and judged on Wednesday. Beginning this year, all exhibits are released on Sunday

Fair Horticulture and Floriculture exhibits are judged on accepted criteria from K-State. Horticulture specimens according to the publication: Floriculture exhibits are judged using:

Master Gardeners may set up a booth in the Commercial Exhibit Hall in the Unrein building (adjacent to the Schenk building) to share information with fair-goers.

The Ellis County Fair is located west of Hays at 1344 Fairground Road. The Floriculture and Horticulture exhibits are displayed in the Schenk building.

Master Gardeners of Ellis County, Cottonwood District. More information available at or call 785-628-9430