Rick Cunningham: Stand Up for Your Beliefs

Rick Cunningham
Rick Cunningham

I’m proud to be:

·        a Catholic Christian

·        an American

·        a middle-aged white male

·        a father and husband

·        a baseball coach and to love the game

·        a fisherman and hunter, who prepares and shares with others my fish and game

·        a meat eater

·        a gun owner

·        a compound bow owner

I’m proud to:

·        love our planet and nature

·        make my own jelly and eat wild mushrooms

·        have a strong work ethic

·        earn my living with my hands

·        love my country and be patriotic

·        believe in my fellow man

·        believe in freedom

·        believe in our constitution

·        believe and remember our history

·        believe in law and law enforcement

·        believe in fairness and justice

·        believe and support our troops, present and past

·        not be prejudiced

·        believe that all lives matter

·        resist all technology as much as possible

·        respect our elders and listen and cherish their stories and tales of the past

·        have strong morals

·        be strong in my beliefs

These are some of my core beliefs and they make me who I am.  I’m not out to change any other person’s beliefs.  Another person cannot tell you what is in your heart and soul and what you truly believe.

May God bless you all.

Rick Cunningham is an avid outdoorsman from Ellis, KS