'There is hope': Book by Hays author focuses on spiritual journey

Blaise Mesa
Hays Daily News
Hays author Terri Braun recently wrote the book, “No More Patches,” focusing on her spiritual journey after a traumatic brain injury.

Terri Braun was on cognitive rest for 30 days. That means 30 days in a dark room with no television or other forms of entertainment. 

“You are literally alone in a dark room with your own thoughts,” she said. 

Braun needed time to recover from a brain injury she sustained, and while future books she writes will focus on the injury, her book “No More Patches” focuses on her spiritual journey. 

“My whole mission has just been to tell people there is hope,” she said. “Despite your struggles, there is still hope out there and you can still enjoy life even if you can’t do the same things you used to be able to do.” 

Braun said she had to “recalibrate” her brain and had to crawl to the bathroom before because she was worried she would fall. She said the writing process was therapeutic because writing has always been an outlet to express herself. Of her three books, she has a closer connection with this one because it helped heal her. 

Braun, a self-described spiritual person, said she wrote the book years before it was published, and was inspired to organize her thoughts for publication when doing her daily readings. 

“There was something about … brokenness and following what God's plan for you is,” she said. “It just hit me that, hey, this is his plan for me. I am well enough now.”  

Braun said she always considered herself to be a self-sufficient person who has run a crisis management facility before, but even she needed to reach out for help. She hopes more people feel OK asking for help no matter their situation, she said, and wrote the book to show people there is “peace in the storm.” 

“No More Patches” is available at most major retailers, such as Kindle, Amazon and Walmart. The book was released May 24 and is published by Trilogy Christian Publishing. 

“There is hope,” Braun said.