NCK Technical College Announces Increased Enrollment in Fall 2021

By The Hays Daily News

After an expected decrease in enrollment in 2020 due to the global COVID-19 pandemic, North Central Kansas Technical College (NCK Tech) showed an overall headcount increase in 2021. The increase, though, is not only from 2020, but is the highest fall headcount in the last 5 years. 

NCK Technical College reported an enrollment increase at its Hays campus for 2021

Kansas Board of Regents reported 20-day numbers showing state universities down 1.7%, community colleges up 4.5% and technical colleges showing the larges headcount increase at 7.6%. 

“It’s an exciting time to be part of a technical college, especially one like NCK Tech. Our headcount grew 6.1% from last year and this proves we have excellent academic programs and NCK Tech is providing the types of education that students want and that our workforce needs,” said Tricia Cline, Dean of Enrollment. 

The number of full-time students increased on both the Beloit and Hays campuses over last year, with the Hays campus reaching the largest enrollment in its history.  “We’re busting at the seams in Hays.” said Eric Burks, President of NCK Tech.  “While it’s a good problem to have, we’re to the point where we need to find ways to grow our capacity.  Overall, though, it's just really exciting that so many people are starting to understand the amazing career opportunities available through our programs.” 

Burks believes the relevance of technical education and the demand for skilled professionals is driving the growth for NCK Tech and technical colleges across the state. 

NCK Tech provides hands-on education enabling students to graduate in just 4–18 months into high-wage, high-demand fields while acquiring very little debt relative to other options. By offering highly sought-after career opportunities that are essential in times of uncertainty, NCK Tech offers a Job Placement Guarantee upon successful completion of any of their programs.