Clutch shooting leads to cash prize for KU student

By Randy Gonzales
Special to the Hays Daily News1

Nothing but net.

Libby Frost, a starter for the WaKeeney-Trego girls’ basketball team that made the state tournament when she was a senior, has shot countless jumpers over the years – but never a 3-pointer worth $5,000.

Libby Frost, a sophomore from WaKeeney, shoots a 3-pointer at Friday’s Late Night in the Phog at Allen Fieldhouse in Lawrence. Frost made the shot, winning $5,000.

As part of the festivities at the Kansas Jayhawks basketball team’s Late Night in the Phog at historic Allen Fieldhouse on Friday night, Frost was selected through a text drawing to have a chance to win some cash for a successful shot.

Kansas Jayhawk basketball players rush toward Libby Frost to celebrate her making a 3-pointer for $5,000 at Late Night in the Phog on Friday night.

A WaKeeney sophomore who still plays 3-on-3 basketball in college, Frost first had an attempt from half-court for $10,000, and just missed making it.

“I knew I wanted to shoot that first shot; I played basketball in high school,” Frost said. “How many times am I ever going to get the chance to shoot in front of that many people on the KU basketball court?”

Frost could have designated someone else to shoot for her on a second try from half-court, and Jayhawk coach Bill Self even recommended a former KU sharpshooting guard. But Frost gave it another shot, and missed. Self then let her try from the women’s 3-point line at the top of the key for $5,000 for her and another KU student.

“I was like, perfect,” said Frost, who averaged 12 points per game her senior year in high school. “I was really excited when he said I had the opportunity to shoot from there.

“I wasn’t nervous or anything, which I guess is kind of weird,” she added. “In high school, I learned how to stay calm. As soon as he said I could shoot at the 3-point line I was pretty confident I could make it.”

Frost took the ball at the top of the key and without hesitation shot the same jumper she has shot so many times before.

Kansas Jayhawk basketball players rush toward Libby Frost to celebrate her making a 3-pointer for $5,000 at Late Night in the Phog on Friday night.


“As soon as it left my hand, I knew it was going in,” Frost said.

What Frost wasn’t prepared for was what happened next. Jayhawk fans roared their approval while the players rushed toward Frost to celebrate.

“The boys are so tall and so muscular,” Frost said. “They’re running and jumping at me and I’m five-foot-eight. They were pushing me around, celebrating. I am not big enough to handle this. It was awesome, really, really cool, but just a little bit scary.”

Libby Frost

Frost said she knows what she is going to do with her new-found wealth.

“It’s just kind of a no-brainer for me,” she said. “My mom has done everything for me. I’m not deserving of it; she is. She works so hard, inspires me.”

Libby’s mother, Lisa Frost, is a nurse practitioner with Trego County-Lemke Memorial Hospital in WaKeeney. She has other ideas about the windfall, knowing her daughter hopes to be part of a medical shadowing program in Spain this summer.

“My thought is $5,000 will go a long way to get her to Spain,” she said.

In these trying times, Lisa Frost said it is nice to have something like this happen.

“It’s fun news,” she said. “There’s been so much that people have been worried about. This is something to feel good about.”