After further review, recount requested in USD 489 race

By Randy Gonzales
Special to Hays Daily News

Cathy Hopkins, who lost by five votes a position on the USD 489 school board after results from the Nov. 2 election were certified on Monday, initially thought she would not request a recount. She even congratulated Meagan Zampieri-Lillpopp, who claimed the third open spot on the board. However, upon reflection, Hopkins requested a recount on Tuesday.

“I feel like it’s worth a recount,” Hopkins said Wednesday. “Everything comes out the same, no big deal. I did feel it was worth giving it a shot.”

The recount will start at 7 a.m. Friday at the Ellis County Administrative Center, 718 Main. Ellis County Clerk Bobbi Dreiling estimated a recount would take 8-9 hours and the unofficial results would be posted on the county’s website on Friday. Dreiling hopes to have the election re-certified by Monday. If there is no change in the winner, then Hopkins would pay for the recount.

“It’s her right,” Zampieri-Lillpopp said. “It’s a democracy and we want to make sure it works correctly. It was a very close margin.”

The unofficial results showed Zampieri-Lillpopp winning the third spot on the school board with 1,217 votes, compared to 1,212 for Hopkins. After 34 provisional ballots and one mail-in ballot were counted, the canvass showed Zampieri-Lillpopp still with a five-vote advantage after each candidate received seven additional votes.