Unofficial results show no change in school board recount vote

By Randy Gonzales
Special to the Hays Daily News

Meagan Zampieri-Lillpopp still has her five-vote lead.

Zampieri-Lillpopp held a five-vote lead for the third and last spot on the USD 489 Board of Education on election night. After the canvass 13 days later, Zampieri-Lillpopp and the fourth-place finisher, Cathy Hopkins, each received seven additional votes, but Zampieri-Lillpopp was still in the lead by five votes.

After initially thinking she would not request a recount immediately after the results were certified on Monday, Hopkins the next day requested a machine recount.

That recount started early Friday morning and ended early in the afternoon. There was no change in the results, with Zampieri still receiving 1,224 votes to 1,219 for Hopkins. The election will be certified again at 7:30 a.m. Monday by the election board at the Ellis County Administrative Center, 718 Main.

“It’s nice to have confirmation,” Zampieri-Lillpopp said. “This is the result. It’s accurate, it’s a good count. We’re where we were on Monday.”

Hopkins and Zampieri-Lillpopp spent part of the day watching the recount.

“The numbers are exactly the same, so I give it that,” Hopkins said. “It was pretty impressive for the numbers to be exact from the first time. That’s great, good to see things working properly.”

The close race was educational for Zampieri-Lillpopp.

“I will also work hard next time I run for any office,” she said, “to make it so that it’s not this close.”

Hopkins said she plans to remain involved with USD 489 issues and did not rule out a future run for elective office after such a close race this time.

“I hope it enhanced to the public here in Hays how literally important every vote is,” Hopkins said. “They actually count.”